Candy Cane Decor

One of my favorite things about the holidays are all the cheerful colors. I especially love the look of candy canes!

Candy canes are an Extremely cheap and effective way to spruce up your home in just minutes. You can buy them for next to nothing at the store… and you can take literally take apart your decor as your guests leave, offering them a piece of candy on their way out!

There are so many great ideas out there, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you today. Keep in mind that the simple red and white pattern of candy canes go with ALL styles of holiday decorating, so anything you make will be a perfect gift for teachers, neighbors, co-workers, friends and family alike


This candle holder is very festive and fun! It would look great your desk at the office…use the base to hold business cards or fill the base with chocolates to use as a fun candy dish.



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These are some creative and fun place card holders! Use this idea for a nice family or friend get-together, a winter wedding, or to hold business cards in the workplace. Make these extra decorative by adding some Christmas Tree or Mistletoe clippings under the base, or attaching bells or small ornaments to the bow.



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I absolutely love this candy cane vase… I came across this idea several years ago, and make several of them as a centerpieces each year. A couple years ago, I brought one to my dentist filled with white carnations (the kind with red outer petal edges) and she loved it and thought it was Hilarious at the same time – candy at the dentist office is always funny!


This is a cute idea for a window. Just be sure to use this as decoration at a window that does not get too much warm sun for melting reasons. Another option (for any of these ideas!) would be to stock up on plastic candy canes at your local craft store. Not only will you solve the melting worry, but your crafting efforts will last for more than just one year!



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If you are looking for an Adorable way to serve your holiday treats, check out this idea! Not quite candy canes, but I had to share it anyway. This serving tray is made using those starlight peppermints. How fun is this?!

I hope these candy cane ideas get your creative holiday sugar juices flowing! Ha Ha. They all look tasty, that is for sure! If you try out any of these ideas, or come up with more candy cane decorations, I would love to hear about them!

Thirsty While Decorating? Pumpkin Martinis!

One of the great things about fall and winter is decorating our homes.

We put on some good music, pull out the decorations and go to town dressing up the house for the season! But all that decorating puts me in the mood for some nice, warm snacks…and drinks! Decorating makes me thirsty ;)


I just happened upon this recipe while searching for something non-food related. Isn’t it funny how that happens sometimes?! It is like someone was reading my mind ¬†and know what I subconsciously Really wanted!

I had no idea there was such a thing as Cinnamon Schnapps, but mix that up with some cheesecake pudding, graham crackers, whipped cream and a few other things and this drink is your new best friend! YUM! Because this is such a Pretty drink, it would be fun to serve up to the 21+ crowd on Thanksgiving.

If you try this out, be sure to leave your opinions in the comments sections!

Holidays That Match Your Home

I think that many of us consider only the traditional colors of holidays.

Red on Valentines Day, Green for St. Patrick’s, Red and Green for Christmas… Orange and Black for Halloween.

But what if those colors just completely clash with your home decor? What if those colors are ones that you just absolutely do not enjoy? Sure, I love the natural orange of pumpkins, but bring orange into my home, which has a lot of teal, just makes my home feel ugly. But I always do it – because those are the colors of the season!



Today I found this tutorial on the Plaid website and immediately felt like I could update my decor to match my home. I love teal, and the turquoise pumpkin just made me giddy with excitement! Halloween doesn’t mean I have to bring orange in to my home – I just need to make my sculls, spiders, pumpkins and ghosts match! I love these glitter pumpkins and think teal, black and grey would really go with my living room and look perfect on my mantel this Halloween!

What do you think? Would you consider painting your decorations to match your home, or do you believe traditional colors make the holiday? I would love to hear your opinions!

Fall Pumpkin Decor

Now that fall is here, I enjoy adding little touched of decor to my home to set the mood.


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How about using pillar style candle holders, as shown above, with small pumpkins (you can buy plastic ones at your local craft store, or buy them real for about $1 each at the grocery store) on them! This would make for a great arrangement on an entry table, a dining table, or even a bathroom counter! If you have larger, outdoor pillars, arrange them by your front door with larger pumpkins.

I just love the fall!

Quick and Easy Burlap Projects!

If you are looking to add a bit of burlap style to your home, because lets face it… burlap is cheap, simple to use and a quick way to update your home…I suggest checking out a few of my favorite tutorials!



This great tutorial shows you how to make a monogrammed table runner. Great addition to a last minute party! Also learn how to use burlap when wrapping gifts! I love this vintage look.


We have all seen burlap wreaths…and they are really pretty! They can easily be modified for each season by adding pumpkins, fall leaves, ornaments, hearts or even red, white and blue accents. But what about an every day wreath? This chevron pattern wreath is Perfect for every day use! I love how much more stylish this is than your regular burlap wreath!


If you really love the vintage look of burlap, then consider these pillows for your bedroom! Mr. & Mrs. pillows would be such a fun addition to a master bedroom. Be sure to check out the tutorial above to learn how!

Wall Art

Are you looking for something new to spruce up your walls?

How about considering some of these beautiful options!




Old Dressers

There are so many old pieces of furniture just waiting for us to take them in and make them brand new again.

The problem is, when we see old furniture, usually we look at it and so holy CRAP that is UGLY! But take a few more seconds and look past the old paint job, the old drawer pulls, the old everything, really. Focus on the design of the piece – the lines, the grooves, the overall shape. Very often, the piece is actually beautiful and just in need of updating.

So today, I wanted to share a couple tutorials where others have taken old dressers and turned them around into a stunning new piece of furniture. These new, updated dressers are a cheap, fun, personalized way to add a new touch to your home.

This dresser is SO perfect for a little girls room. I love how it feels so princess-like, especially with those original, extremely decorative drawer pulls painted white. I would have loved this as a girl! You should see the before picture of this dresser.


Sometimes a little bit of chevron pattern can make all the difference in creating a statement piece for a room. I love this in yellow, especially how well it goes with that rug underneath!


I will be posting more furniture makeover tutorials soon! If you have one you would like to share, please let me know.

Creative Flower Arranging

Decorating my home with fresh flowers is one of my favorite things to do.

Whether I have guests coming or it is just me, I make a point to keep fresh flowers in each of my most used rooms. While fresh flowers can get WAY pricey when purchased at the store, I enjoy making fresh arrangements with seasonal blooms straight from my very own garden.

If you are looking for some ideas in creating your own floral arrangements, here are some fun ideas to get you started! Remember flower arranging is best when you think outside the box.


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This margarita arrangement is a Perfect gift for a 21st birthday, a bachelorette patry or even as a gift to the hostess for a summer party! Bring this bold arrangement with a bottle of tequila and you are sure to please!


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You know how I said to think outside the box? This arrangement did just that! Tomatoes are not just for eating here… they really make a statement in this creative arrangement. We all have those friends who are strangely addicted to tomatoes – what a perfect gift this would be! Think about using all edible parts by mixing in carrots, bell peppers, etc. making for a gift that is completely edible.


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Not sure how to make your arrangements look like a pro built them? Use this handy chart to help you along in the floral arranging process!

If you are struggling with how to keep your flowers from falling over, be sure to try this amazing trick of making a tape grid to support blooms. Just be sure to fill it in completely so none of the tape shows in the middle or outer portions of your container. If you just can’t keep it from showing around the edges, try wrapping a piece of ribbon around it to cover up!

Lastly, I know we all don’t have gardens just blooming excessively all months of the year like Martha Stewart. If you are in a rush for a great store bought selection, I highly recommend Trader Joe’s. If you are not a regular shopper there, it is worth stopping by to see what they have to offer. Not only do they offer an amazing selection of less common store bought flowers, but their prices are just unheard of! Just a few dollars can get you a great bundle or two of beautiful blooms.

Fruit Wreaths for Summer!

If you are looking for something colorful to add to your home during these warm and beautiful summer days, these wreaths will do the trick!

I have seen fruit or vegetable wreaths for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I do not believe I have seen a home with a summer fruit tree. I love how bold these wreaths are. I imagine the scents are extremely inviting for your family and friends!



This wreath is a combination of lemon and eucalyptus. Think about adding sprigs of other summer scents. I bet even cinnamon would smell great with this – tie it to the back of the wreath so it does not take away from the beauty on the front. Keep in mind that wasps, bees and other pests may be attracted to this wreath if hung outdoors. If that is a concern in your neighborhood, consider using plastic fruit for hanging on your door safely.



This wreath from Better Homes and Gardens was meant as a Christmas decoration. However, I believe it would look beautiful over a mantel or kitchen window during the summer months. Just swap out the sprigs of evergreen and holiday ornaments for some herb sprigs, a pinwheel or a large summer bow. If you worry about bugs during the summer, think about spraying the wreath with a couple coats of clear varnish to keep the pests out during the season.

If you are looking to bypass the crafting part, check out this stunning wreath sold by Williamsburg Marketplace. Made with faux lemons and leaves, this wreath will surely make your neighbors smile!

I can’t wait to make my summer wreath!

A Faux Table?

What to do when you have no room for a table?

Use a floating shelf and paint the rest! This genius idea opens the whole space yet still creates a practical table top. I think it would be a great idea for use in a small bathroom as a vanity! With a larger mirror and your cosmetic cases, it would made the perfect space-space option to do your makeup.

What do you think of this idea?


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